Asphalt Shingle Warranties: What You Need to Know

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What is an Asphalt Shingle Warranty? 

An asphalt shingle warranty is an agreement offered by the manufacturer or installer that the shingles will serve as advertised for a set amount of time. These warranties are meant to provide peace of mind for the homeowner, ensuring that if the shingles fail prematurely due to manufacturing defects or installation errors, the cost of repair or replacement is covered. In layman's terms, a warranty acts as an insurance policy for your roofing system, protecting your investment.

Types of Asphalt Shingle Warranties 

There are several types of asphalt shingle warranties, each offering different levels of protection. The most common are manufacturer warranties, which cover defects in the shingles themselves. These can range from basic warranties that provide limited coverage for a short period to extended warranties that cover a longer duration. Another type is the installation warranty provided by the roofing contractor, which covers workmanship and installation-related issues. Some manufacturers also offer enhanced warranties that combine both material and installation coverage for more comprehensive protection.

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Key Terms and Conditions 

Understanding the terms and conditions of your asphalt shingle warranty is essential. Common definitions include the length of the warranty period, the description of defects covered, and conditions that may void the warranty, such as improper installation, inadequate ventilation, or failure to perform regular maintenance. Additionally, some warranties are prorated, meaning the coverage diminishes over time. Familiarizing yourself with these details ensures you know what to expect and how to maintain your warranty.

Evaluating Warranty Coverage 

Length of Coverage

The length of warranty coverage can differ drastically from one manufacturer and product to another. Most standard warranties cover asphalt shingle roofing for 20-30 years, while high-end products can provide up to 50 years of coverage. It is important to note that the full warranty term does not always mean 100% coverage. Typically, the first few years are fully covered, but thereafter the coverage is prorated. Understanding the timeline and structure of your warranty can help you plan for any potential costs down the road.

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Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

Each warranty will have specific inclusions and exclusions. Typical inclusions include defects generated during manufacturing, like granule loss or thermal splitting. On the flip side, exclusions are more likely to relate to problems created by bad installation, weather—storms, hail, and the like—or plain old wear and tear. All of this gives you an idea of the amount of coverage you can expect with your warranty.

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Transferability and Prorated Coverage 

Many warranties are transferable, which means that the new homeowner can take advantage of the remaining warranty period if you sell your house. This is a big selling point. But the transfer must normally take place within a limited period after the sale, and for a fee. More importantly, it has a prorated offer which means you probably have less coverage as the shingles age. That means the longer your shingles are on your roof, the less help you will probably receive paying for future problems.

Best Practices for Installation of Roof Shingles 

Installation Practices

The installation of your shingles is a very crucial part of maximizing your warranty benefits. Installation that does not meet particular installation guidelines by the manufacturer can invalidate the warranty. It is important for you to hire a roofing contractor with a track record of providing excellent service that follows best practices and is in compliance with local building codes. At the most basic level, proper installation means proper ventilation, correct nailing patterns and proper underlayment use. Ignoring these details can also somehow violate your warranty.

Maintenance and Inspections

Regular maintenance and inspections ensure the lasting integrity of the roof and can help keep your warranty coverage up to date. Frequent minor maintenance, such as checking for loose or missing shingles, stops bigger issues from forming. Cleaning gutters, debris removal, and guaranteeing good ventilation of the attic also play significant roles. Depending on the warranty, neglecting these tasks can void the warranty, meaning it becomes all the more important to be vigilant about this maintenance.

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How To File a Warranty Claim 

Knowing how to file a warranty claim can save you time and hassle when you need to file a warranty claim. Begin by looking through your warranty literature to see if it covers the problem In the event your siding is damaged — first contact the manufacturer or installer to start the claim (be sure to have your proof of purchase, specific photos that show the damage and a general explanation of the issues). Responding to any communication as quickly and thoroughly can help speed up the process of getting the benefits that your warranty promises.

Ultimately, the warranties associated with asphalt shingles provide important security for your roofing investment. Through an understanding of the various warranties, their coverage evaluation, and steps to be taken to maximize your benefits, your roof will be in top condition and this should be the case throughout your coverage duration.